We Are At Your

Service With Wood
Processing Cnc Machines

High Security

It includes special designs to protect the products you will process in machine production and machine users.

Experienced staff

We provide support with our expert staff who receive continuous training on the changing innovations of the sector regarding woodworking CNC Router machines.

Production according to preference

In line with the demands of our customers, we produce special projects according to the desired equipment in the machine.


Reksis CNC Makine started by providing outsourced wood cutting services with CNC machines purchased from different manufacturers in 1996, when CNC machines were not yet common, and gained experience in CNC Router machines caused by failures over time. The doubling of the contract manufacturing volume due to market conditions has provided the need for new machinery. Thus, instead of purchasing a second machine, he came up with the idea of ​​producing a CNC machine.

In 1999, we started to produce the first CNC Router machine to be used in our company, and until 2007, we produced six CNC Routers in line with the business demands in the market.

In 2010, we decided to end our contract manufacturing service and manufacture CNC Routers.

During the 13 years that have passed since the beginning of our active production activities, high performance and quality have continued to increase day by day.

Reksis CNC Makine produces Flat table (flat table) CNC Router, CNC Router door processing, CNC Router multi hole group machines by working in a team with the showroom, management, sales and marketing, accounting, production and technical support departments in an area of ​​3000 m² in Antalya., we offer solutions to the needs of wooden furniture manufacturers regarding door processing, rafix and minifix fasteners, cabinet making and sizing.

Reksis Cnc is among the companies that make mass production with the most references in the market without sacrificing quality, 70% of it is domestic sales and the remaining 30% is foreign sales.

Mission: To provide solution-oriented communication with our customers and to ensure customer satisfaction with the technical knowledge and experience of our employees in line with their goals.

Vision: To produce and develop high quality products according to market needs and to provide professional, competitive and innovative solutions to our customers.


REKSİS CNC is an organization specializing in woodworking machinery sector and has been producing comprehensive, innovative machine technologies for woodworking, furniture manufacturers and advertisers since 1996.


Antalya Organize San. Area 3. Section 35th Street No: 22 Döşemealtı/ ANTALYA
Phone: 0(242) 502 46 26
EMAIL:[email protected]
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